Stove + 2 flue pipes + 2 elbows + masking and floor plates + shovel + rain cover


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This kit contain:
2x Flue pipe 1metre long each/120mm in diameter
2x Bend, elbow 90 degree available only / 120mm in diameter
2x Chimney plate, masking plates.
1x Rain cap, protector.
1x Shovel
1x Floor protecting plate.

This is a maximum amount of parts we can send in one parcel. You can swap some parts, for example get three elbows instead of other part.
We can send up to two flues in one parcel this is due to size restriction, if you want an extra one or two length of flue pipe it needs to be send in a separate parcel.

For more information please contact me on 07473232661

Ready to use 


Our stove is the cheapest way to get warm!

The stove door is made from doubled steel to safeguard against the door overheating. Where the fire comes into contact with the stove, double plate steel is used for extra safety.

The upper lid can be removed to allow longer and larger logs to be burned in the stove. The diameter of the hole is 18cm (7.09 in). The removable lid also allows easy access for maintenance to be performed on the stove. The lid is made from double plate steel.

The stove is characterized by its high quality of workmanship. Special side longitudinal and transverse strengthening makes the whole structure of the stove stronger and more durable. Side protection protects from direct contact with the side wall of the stove, and the possibility of burns.

The stove has beautifully crafted handles for closing the oven door. This is to protect from burns when using the stove.

The stove is equipped with a rear exhaust with a diameter of 120mm (4.72 inch).


The exhaust outlet is equipped with a damper. This allows for easy regulation of gas flow.

The exittube exhaust with adiameter of 120mm (4.72 inch) adjustable gas flow (control the burnrate). Theadjustable damper is protectedagainst completestop fumes in thecombustion chamber (protects against carbonmonoxide poisoning).

The removable ash try provides a comfortable and safe solution to catch and remove ash from burnt fuel.

The combustion chamber is fully lined with 2 cm thick, high quality fireclay bricks. The fireclay bricks absorb the heat and allow it to dissipate gradually. The bricks also prevent fire coming into direct contact with the stove wall.


The very high quality cast-iron grate is 1cm thick (approx) and measures 18cm (7.09 in) width x 21 cm (8.27 in) deep. This guarantees long-lasting and safe operation.

Below are the dimensions of the stove:


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